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Terry Maxon:

I submitted myself to presumed torture -- I watched a homemade video from a student who wanted to be picked as Southwest Airlines' blog-o-spondent.

To my surprise, it was good -- and funny. I recommend it. Here's the winning entry from Kaci Beeler, from the Austin area, according to Southwest Airlines.

Much more at Southwest Airlines' Blog.

Brokers may choose a similar strategy:

  • Hire a local "blog-o-spondent" equipped with a video camera, laptop, cell modem and your blog.
  • Populate a local Atlas, including events, community features, healthcare, sports, education, gardening, food and historic events.
  • Create neighborhood/community areas on your website, populated with this content along with listings, open houses, maps, market data and weblead opportunities.
  • Offer to link with local sites and organizations.
This minimal expenditure will more than pay for itself over the next five years AND, allow your organization to reduce expensive newspaper and homes magazine expenditures.

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