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Recruiting Tools

Recruit agents directly and indirectly with Main Street's real time tools:

  • Smart recruiting page on your public web site that auto-fills contact management.

  • Showing confirmation email messages include a link to your smart recruiting page(s).

  • Showing followup email messages include a link to your smart recruiting page(s).

  • HomeFinder and Neighborhood Watch emails include a "join our team" link to your smart recruiting page(s).

  • Market Share Report: View listing and sell side activity by company, office and agent across one or more mls's. This powerful report includes DOM, units, dollars, list price, sale price, and list/sale ratio, among other data points. The report includes tabular data and attractive charts/graphs.

  • CMA
    Present your full featured Main Street CMA to prospective agents.

  • CRM Tools
    Main Street's contact management tools include ideal features for recruiting:
    • Plans/Campaigns: Create recruiting, pre and post license plans/campaigns that include to do lists, personized email and print/pdf messages.

    • Batch Processing: Main Street's batch processing automatically fulfills tasks from your to do list, such as birthday messages, events, email and print farming campaigns.

      Contact Import/Export: Easily move recruiting contacts in and out of Main Street
  • Transactions: Include links to your recruiting page(s) from your Main Street transaction login page where co-broker agents can view signed documents, information, schedules and add comments to specific deals.


Main Street's Homefinder is a powerful tool that allows agents and buyers to:

  • Create and save property searches

  • New listings, price and status changes and open houses are automically emailed to the buyer(s) - can be more than one email address and/or the agent(s).

  • Email templates are personalized with your brand, agent photo(s), contact information, listing, transaction and personal agent web site links, smart maps and lead generation links.

  • Reports: Main Street includes homefinder and buyer activity reports.

Neighborhood Watch

Main Street's Neighborhood Watch is a powerful tool that allows agents and sellers to:

  • Create and save property searches

  • Sold listings are automically emailed to the buyer(s) - can be more than one email address and/or the agent(s).

  • Email templates are personalized with your brand, agent photo(s), contact information, listing, transaction and personal agent web site links, smart maps and lead generation links.

  • Perimeter Search: Find properties within an adjustable distance of a valid address.

  • Reports: Main Street includes neighborhood watch and contact activity reports.

Frank Ahrens on the SEC's investigation into media circulation scandals:

The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked several media companies to provide information about how they calculate paid circulation, an industry-wide inquiry that comes after circulation-inflation scandals at four large newspapers this year, the companies confirmed yesterday.

The probe, reported in yesterday's editions of the New York Times, includes the Times Co.; The Washington Post Co.; Gannett Co., publishers of USA Today and 100 other papers; Dow Jones & Co., publisher of the Wall Street Journal and Barron's; and Knight Ridder, publisher of the Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer and 29 other papers.

Radio Advertising Tips

John Moore:

In July, Clear Channel announced a plan to cut radio commercial time to no more than 15 minutes of ads per hour and no more than six ads in a row. And now we learn Clear Channel is using its formidable weight to sway advertisers to use 30-second spots and not 60-second spots. Seems Clear Channel believes bad ads are causing radio listeners to change channels.

[Hey Clear Channel … could it be BAD RADIO is driving listeners to change stations? But that’s another blog for another day.]

The Wall Street Journal reported, “… some advertisers are balking, dubbing the plan Giving you less, charging you more. In the radio industry, a 30-second spot typically costs about 80% of the price of a 60-second pitch: Advertisers usually figure they might as well spend the extra cash and get a full minute. And advertisers, it turns out, don’t like having to cram their message into half the time they’re used to."

To help advertisers make the switch from 60-second spots (where advertisers have time to tell a story) to 30-second spots (where advertisers must be disciplined to supremely focus their message), Clear Channel has created a new unit, Creative Resources Group, to help advertisers produce better and more effective 30-second radio commercials.


Agents can generate CMAs with standard cover letters and three (or 1) up comparable format. The CMA is generated based on comparables drawn from a database of current listings and historical sales. The CMA incorporates extensive search criteria so that agents may customize their searches to achieve the desired pool of comparable properties and includes charts, graphs and local market information.

The output is in PDF (Portable Document Format) format for high quality printing and easy use with email. Virtual Properties also generates laptop and video based listing presentations that provide your firm with a consistent, professional message to agents and consumers.

Brochures [PDF]

Generate high quality PDF based brochures in real time. Main Street supports wide variety of brochure templates. The brochure content is stored as XML. Administrators can create and manage brochures in real time with a simple internet browser. Agents can create high quality PDF brochures in seconds at home, in the office, at a clients home or on vacation. This capability provides your company with a consistent look and feel to buyers and sellers.

What is Main Street?

Most traditional computer applications run on the users desktop and access information stored on a server across a network.In addition to supporting the server,the company must provide extensive desktop support for maintenance,debugging,updates, bug fixes,etc. That traditional "client/server" model is expensive to build, maintain and support, and is easily broken by new software installs, bugs or updates.

Main Street eliminates those headaches.

Advertising Management Overview

Agent/Broker can order advertisement packages and/or products. For example, a package may contain six (6) newspaper advertisements and one homes magazine advertisement. The advertising management application supports "build" rules, "content" rules, and "sort" rules. The "build" rules describe the way that advertising reports are built (for example, listings that have ad orders for the LA Times arranged by location, listing date, address, or price). The "content" rules describe the way that the specific advertisements are built (for example, if a listing has an order placed for the Sunday News, how many characters are allowed, does the ad identify the listing as having an open house and/or does the ad give directions to the listing). The "sort" rules allow Customer to modify the build rules so that it can sort reports sent to publishers to designate in which order properties will appear in the ads. The application supports one rule per advertising product. For example, if customer has eight advertising products, then there will be eight build, content and sort rules (one build, content and sort rule per product). The application also supports extensive reporting tools, by listing, agent, office, area, advertising product type or price. Finally, Main Street's™ optional dynamic pdf publishing capability can be used with the advertising application. This means that the ads can be output in high quality PDF format, among others.

Personal Agent Web Sites

Main Street's real time, personal agent web sites including the following key features:

  • Your Brand, Not Ours, unlike many vendors, we do NOT place our logos & links all over your site or in our urlʼs

  • Fast Loading

  • VOW; Real Time, not a separate database

  • Leads are auto populated in Main Street Contacts

  • Agents/E-Business receive emails/pages with new leads

  • Search(es) from home page

  • Open Houses integrated with Advertising/Listings

  • Supports non-mls listings

  • Supports Exclusive Listings (Sothebys, Christies)

  • Your listings can have additional fields & media vs. idx and vow listings (increased personalization)

  • Showings: request a showing from anywhere on your site, including listings and the home page.

  • Supports up to 20 still images and 20 panoramas per listing, audio (via 1800 number), video clips, cad drawings, flash, slideshows and disclosure documents)

  • Supports ALL mls fields (search/display)

  • Agent Search includes languages spoken

  • Extensive agent site personalization

  • Preferred client site (search solds, transactions)

  • Seller tools: what is my home worth, sold emails,

  • Relo tools: register for more information

  • Mtg/Title pages

  • Short URL's to listings: www.yourname.com/12345

  • Short Agent URL's agentname.coname.com

  • Redundant servers, load balanced

  • Local configuration: this means that you do not have to implement changes that other clients make (in other words, you have choices)

  • Main Street pages work on all major browsers, including AOL as well as PC/Macintosh and UNIX computers

  • Flash presentations of agent listings & agent solds

  • Agent resume & agent portfolio

  • Agent branded local centent (relo, community, calculators)

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